Assistant Professor

I am an assistant professor in the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability and Department of Mechanical Engineering at UBC. I'm interested in how environmental assessment processes can better empower communities and inform policy decision-making. (CV here)

Hannah Barnard-Chumik

MSc Student

Hannah is an MSc student at IRES. She completed her undergraduate degree in human and conservation biology at the University of Toronto in 2017. Hannah is excited to work on tackling global environmental policy issues, such as mercury pollution, sustainable development, and climate change.

Mrinmoy Chakraborty

PhD Student

Mrinmoy is a PhD student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering jointly supervised by Prof. Naomi Zimmerman. He has completed masters in environmental engineering and management from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and undergraduate studies in Civil Engineering at West Bengal University of Technology, Kolkata. He is interested in working with field observations of air pollutants using low cost sensors and evaluating the energy policies with the help of chemical transport models. His focus will be on the tools for assessing energy and health policies in developing countries like India using both numerical simulations and field studies.

Gabby Doebeli

Undergraduate Student

I am an undergraduate student in my 5th year, studying Environmental Sciences and Human Geography. I am interested in feminist political ecology and the intersections of nature, power and policy. Currently, my research is centred on Canadian energy politics. I am focusing on the Trans Mountain pipeline as a case study to examine environmental assessments through the lenses of settler colonialism and legal geographies.

Sara Elder

Postdoctoral Fellow

Sara Elder is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability at UBC. She specializes in understanding the local social and environmental impacts of global supply chain governance, with a focus on agricultural producers and workers in the global South. Her work bridges theoretical insights from development studies, sustainable food systems, and private governance, while being rooted in field research with commodity producers. She has led projects in Rwanda and Nicaragua, and worked with communities in Bolivia, South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania. She is active in publishing her scholarly contributions, and is dedicated to mobilizing scientific knowledge in policy, including through her postdoctoral work with the BC Ministry of Agriculture and as a Technical Officer with the International Labour Organization. She is currently leading research on the impact of voluntary sustainability standards on market access and poverty of smallholder farmers with the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD). She is committed to effective teaching and mentoring, and is currently designing a new course in socio-ecological systems research for undergraduate students to gain hands-on experience conducting interdisciplinary research. She holds a PhD in Resources, Environment and Sustainability from UBC (2016), an MA in Resource Management and Environmental Studies (UBC, 2010) and a BA in International Relations (UBC, 2004).

Rivkah Gardner-Frolick

PhD Student

Rivkah is a PhD student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and is jointly supervised by Dr. Amanda Giang and Dr. David Boyd. She holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Rice University. She recently completed an MS in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin under Dr. Joshua Apte. Her research will focus on air quality modeling of industrial chemicals and related environmental justice issues. 

Emma Gillies

MSc Student

Emma Gillies is pursuing her MSc degree at the University of British Columbia's Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, where she is supervised by Dr. Amanda Giang. Her research involves modelling mercury contamination in the Beaufort Sea beluga food web using Indigenous Knowledge and Western Science. Emma holds a first-class honours degree in environmental biology from McGill University, where she completed a thesis on freshwater microplastic pollution and gained work experience in journalism, international relations, ecological research, environmental consulting, and computer science. Emma is particularly interested in ecotoxicology and environmental policy and is eager to use data science and community consultation to explore the connections between environmental and public health.

Bassam Javed

PhD Student

Bassam is a PhD student at UBC’s Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability. His research focuses on analysis of energy policy in India. Prior to his PhD, Bassam worked at a school district, providing energy management for its facilities and engaging students in environmental sustainability initiatives. Bassam also previously held technical and leadership roles in the natural resources industry. He enjoys volunteerism, reading, and martial arts.

Imranul Laskar

PhD Student

Imranul is a PhD student in the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability at UBC. His research focuses on global shipping emissions and investigating potential air quality co-benefits and trade-offs for  future climate and air quality policies. He was previously affiliated with the University of Alberta where he completed an MSc in Environmental Engineering and held several research and leadership positions in air pollution control and exposure assessment, waste management, and sustainability. He has also worked with municipalities, consulting and industries on air quality analysis, environmental site assessments, and wastewater treatment. Imranul is passionate about soccer and enjoys reading, numismatics, board/video games, hiking, and conversations on general current affairs.

Erika Luna

MSc Student

Erika Luna is an MSc student under the supervision of Dr. Amanda Giang and Dr. Navin Ramankutty. She holds a BSc in Earth and Environmental Sciences from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Erika has gained research experience from working as Research Assistant at different universities across North America where she studied a variety of socio-environmental problems. These past research experiences contributed to build her passion on data science and food security. Her current project at both LEAP and LUGE labs, is focused on the relationship between agriculture and climate change in Mexico.

Sophie Thornton

Undergraduate Student

Sophie is an undergraduate student working on her degree in Environmental Sciences with a minor in Health and Society. She’s passionate about climate change and planetary health. On the weekends, you can find Sophie doing pretty much anything outdoors, or frequenting her favourite coffee shops!


Rudri Bhatt

MSc Student

Rudri is an MSc student at the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability. She completed her BSc in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Technion- Israel Institute of Technology. Rudri is interested in working towards improved air quality and energy security. Her research at IRES focuses on looking at alternatives to agricultural residue burning in Punjab and the Indo-Gangetic plane.

Claire Ewing

MSc Student

Claire joined IRES in 2019 as an MSc student supervised by Dr. David Boyd. Claire is interested in ecology, environmental policy, environmental justice, and more. Her research focuses on the law enforcement dimensions of environmental justice and air pollution in Canada.

Before matriculating to IRES, Claire studied Politics and International Affairs at Wake Forest University, with minors in Biology and Environmental Studies. There, she researched the deforestation caused by artisanal-scale gold mining with Dr. Miles Silman's lab, and completed her undergraduate thesis on the effect of the US-China trade wars on the solar panel industry. Outside of Academia, Claire has worked on water conservation with a Coloradan water utility, sustainability in private companies with Xanterra Parks and Recreation, and more.


Kaity Castellani

Geospatial Data Coordinator
and Analyst

My undergraduate in natural resources conservation promoted my development of an unassailable affinity for the temperate rainforests of the Pacific Northwest - it’s no wonder I can’t bring myself to leave the beauty that surrounds this city! Traveling internationally highlighted the disparity of air quality that exists across countries and smaller geographical areas. This drove me to study air pollution in China before and throughout my masters in geomatics, and now across Canada - where the same under-appreciated fortune is seldom granted. My current work with Dr. Amanda Giang and Dr. David Boyd seeks to provide a preliminary assessment of environmental justice across Canada with respect to air pollution, and will lay the groundwork for the inclusion of a multitude of other variables and outcomes.

Carlina Kim

Undergraduate Student

Carlina is in her 5th year of Environmental Sciences at UBC concentrating in land, air, and water systems. She is interested in the impact science has on policy and how research can be translated to implement better climate change solutions. She is excited to be a part of the LEAP team to work on air pollution and climate change research.


Her research is focused on industrial air pollution in Canada focusing on oil refineries and identifying potential "super emitters". She hopes to develop hypotheses for their existence and identify how marginalized communities are affected from the distribution of production of these environmental hazards. 

Chrysen Park

Undergraduate Student

I am currently in my 5th year and majoring in integrated sciences. My major is an integration of Computer Science and Environmental Science. I am very interested in how we can make energy usage more efficient, and clean through new technologies. The past research I was involved in at IRES was focused on data visualization pertaining to the concentration of air pollutants in Canada. I assisted in the construction of an interactive mapping application that was made to pinpoint where environmental injustices were happening specific to air pollution.

Miling Li

Postdoctoral Fellow

My primary research interests lie in the linkages between marine ecosystem and human health. Focusing on how anthropogenic environmental changes could affect the biogeochemical cycling of contaminants and the associated impacts on human health.Now working on NCP project ‘The Influences of Environmental Changes on Levels and Trends of Methylmercury in Beaufort Beluga Food Web’.

Previous PDF at Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, & Institute of Oceans and Fisheries at UBC.


PhD from Environmental Health, Harvard University.

Ashton Kerr

Undergraduate Student

Ashton recently completed her 4th year of a BSc in Environmental Sciences at UBC with a concentration in Land, Air and Water and will be graduating in November 2020. She is interested in exploring ways to effectively engage the public in climate change and other complex environmental issues we face today. She is currently assisting in interdisciplinary research related to air pollution emissions from agriculture.

Joy Du

Undergraduate Student

Joy is in her last year of undergraduate study at UBC, majoring in Biology and minoring in Psychology. She is interested in ecological conservation and environmental justice across cultures. Joy also expresses passion in health restoration through her clinical experiences.

She’s currently helping with Bassam’s research, concentrating on policy and data analysis in electric vehicles in China.